Popular Myths About Cosmetic Surgery

Many more individuals are considering having cosmetic surgery on their face or body, but they often believe common myths about these procedures. Cosmetic surgery is frequently desired by people to have a more youthful appearance or correct a physical abnormality. In addition to improving the way a body or facial part looks, cosmetic surgeons must make sure that procedures permit a patient’s facial and body parts to function correctly.

Myth One: Cosmetic Surgery is Too Expensive

The cost of cosmetic surgery is less than it was a few years ago, making it more affordable for patients wanting an elective procedure. One of the reasons surgery costs less is that many procedures are performed quickly without long hospitalization. Cosmetic surgeons are often able to perform simple procedures such as chemicals peels in two hours or less, leading to fast recovery times.

Myth Two: Procedures are Designed for Certain Age Groups

Someone unhappy with the shape of their nose may think that a rhinoplasty procedure is only available for teenagers instead of older patients. Most cosmetic procedures are available for a wide assortment of age groups. The best way to find out if a cosmetic procedure is appropriate is to schedule a thorough examination with a surgeon. With a variety of medical tests, a surgeon can determine if a patient is healthy enough to have cosmetic surgery.

Myth Three: Only Women Undergo Cosmetic Procedures

While more females than males have traditionally undergone cosmetic surgery, that statistic is beginning to change as men understand the benefits of correcting facial or body abnormalities to improve their self-esteem. Older males who have lost significant amounts of weight are visiting cosmetic surgeons for abdominoplasty or tummy tuck procedures to remove loose skin. As the senior citizen population is steadily increasing, more men are requesting face-lift or rhytidectomy surgery to reduce wrinkling.

Myth Four: Getting Cosmetic Surgery Means Someone is Vain

There are individuals who think that getting a cosmetic procedure means that they are vain. However, a cosmetic procedure can change someone’s mental attitude, making it easier for them to cope with social situations. While cosmetic surgery is meant to improve an individual’s appearance, it can also improve the function of a body part. A person getting a blepharoplasty may see better after getting their drooping eyelids lifted, in addition to looking better.

Myth Five: Cosmetic Procedures are Dangerous

Thousands of cosmetic procedures are performed each day without any complications such as breathing difficulties or excessive bleeding. However, when someone does have a problem, the news spreads rapidly to the public, leading to worries about this type of surgery. Under the right conditions, with an experienced surgeon and top-of-the-line medical equipment, problems during cosmetic procedures rarely occur. Health care personnel in cosmetic surgeon’s facilities know the appropriate actions to take when a patient needs emergency assistance.