5 Celebrity Wedding Trends That Are Middle Class Friendly

Between dramatic hairstyles to the latest fashion looks, celebrities are known to set new trends and establish refreshing styles for the coming seasons. Although the stars may set the tone on the red carpet and when appearing on the big screen, they’re also known to set the latest wedding trends when it comes to their own marriages. Although most celebrities have over the top events that are naturally expensive, there are a few trends that are affordable to the middle class for their own weddings.

1. Flower Headpieces

Flower headpieces have emerged onto the wedding scene as a bohemian and organic accessory that can be worn when walking down the aisle. Between the bride to the bridesmaids sporting the delicate headdress, it makes for a natural look that is affordable and easy to make. Whether making your own headpiece out of peonies and baby’s breath or using a florist to craft the item, it makes for a low-cost addition that emulates the beauty of the day.

2. Tall Cakes

Gone are the days when cakes were just three tiers. Now celebrities are looking to impress their guests with tall cakes that reach several feet high. The dessert makes for a dramatic feature and focal point of the event that also works as an art piece before the bride and groom dig in. Opt for choosing a tall cake that is shorter in circumference to prevent paying more than you need to for the decadent dessert. Remember to save the top layer or two for your first wedding anniversary.

3. Vintage Engagement Rings

Instead of going big with the bling, more celebrity wedding couples are choosing vintage engagement rings that are unique in design and delicate in nature. Vintage engagement rings can be purchased at flea markets, in pawn shops, and even through online retailers for styles that nod to past decades and offer a bit of history. It makes for an eco-friendly option with the recycled jewelry piece and can make for a sentimental accessory if it’s passed down through past generations in your family.

4. Eco-Friendly Invites

Between Alicia Silverstone to Natalie Portman, more celebs are opting for eco-friendly weddings that are easy on the environment, yet still just as beautiful. Eco-friendly invites are a major trend that use recycled paper or wood to announce the event to guests. Although eco-friendly products are often more expensive, recycled paper is often cheaper than standard options and can lower your costs to make for more room in your budget.

5. Wedding Gowns with Sleeves

Instead of baring it all and showing plenty of skin, more female celebs are embracing traditional wedding gowns that have sleeves and offer a more vintage style to their bridal look. Sleeves are an easy addition to find on the latest style of wedding dresses and can even be added on with alterations at most bridal stores. The look is comfortable and feminine on the wedding day, whether hosting a summer wedding or fall affair.

Between vintage wedding rings to sky-high wedding cakes, there are several trends that make for current looks when planning your own wedding. It’s now possible to incorporate a Hollywood feature into your event without exceeding your personal budget for the special day.