5 Celebrities That Are Becoming Political Revolutionaries

Celebrities are chosen for worship by the establishment, so it is not often that we get to see them rebel against the status quo. This list unveils five contemporary famous people that are political revolutionaries in their own right.
1. Stephen Colbert

Comedy Central’s late-night host has dismantled the current electorate to illustrate endless ways in which the whole system is beyond repair. His conservative caricature sarcastically mocks chief political talking points on a nightly basis to cut through the nonsense that swindles the American public. Furthermore, his surreal presidential bids exposed the farcical nature of American democracy in its current form. In the past, his style of edgy critiques would have landed him in obscurity, but warm wit has kept his profile high for a decade. Now, he is about to become the leader of comedy by taking over for Dave Letterman as host of “The Late Show.” Since all winning presidents have had a campaign stop on the show, politicians are rightfully weary of their new interviewer.
2. Russell Brand

This loud-mouthed comedian has become an unexpected voice of reason for contemporary disenchantment with politics. Although it might seem uncharacteristically utilitarian for the funnyman, this worldview fits perfectly into his articulately outspoken perspectives. With cogent rhetoric, he has been imploring the public to install a brand new political system. His clarity reveals how easy it would be to change everything if the public would simply assemble for a collective cause.
3. Tom Morello

Formerly of Rage Against the Machine, this legendary guitarist has always been politically active in a big way. His first band frequently teamed with Michael Moore, and they staged enormous protests against almost a series of national conventions. His subsequent acts also maintained a high level of notoriety. Street Sweeper Social Club incited militant anger against the tyrannical regimes in power, and The Nightwatchman delivered rebellious chants in a patriotically folksy format. Recently, an album and tour combo with Bruce Springsteen brought back his revolutionary antics back to the mainstream.
4. Amy Poehler

This starlet’s portrayal of a well-intentioned public servant is encouraging the masses to rethink the ways they elect their officials. Prior to her performance as Leslie Knope on “Parks and Recreation,” the general public never imagined that their leaders could be empathetic and caring. The spoof inadvertently paved the way for strong, capable women to emerge at the forefront of politics.
5. Jack White

Although this artist tends to shy away from controversial matters, he is single-handedly chipping at the core politics of modern music. The airwaves have been tapped down to exclude almost all alternative forms of expression, but the independent guitarist continues to forge his own route to the radio with Third Man Records. By circumventing the forces that control 99% of the music scene, the engineering frontman has put himself in a precarious position to be targeted by industry insiders and copycats alike. The White Stripes unconventionally tackled a few political issues in their own time that still need an overhaul today. “The Big Three Killed My Baby” gripes about the injustices of the oil industry and car manufacturers, while “Icky Thump” derides the current state of affairs for immigration.

Fame bestows a powerful platform to espouse world changing ideas, but most celebrities neglect the opportunity. The aforementioned stars have reversed the trend by passionately fighting the accepted systems of authority.