The 7 Most Embarrassing Celebrity DUI’s of 2012

These celebrity arrests took place in 2012. Country singers, porn stars and actors are not immune to the laws regarding drinking and driving. These celebrity arrests were not the only arrests to take place in 2012, but they were the most surprising, most noteworthy and most embarrassing. Now as they have their lawyers work on getting their SR-22 proof of insurance and work on all of the paperwork, we can sit back and learn what not to do from these terrible role models.

1. Randy Travis

The country singer was charged with a DUI in August of 2012. While not the first arrest for Travis, it was the first arrest that year while being naked. He was found next to a crashed Pontiac Trans Am at a construction site. A convenience store clerk called 911 when a naked man walked into the store asking for a pack of cigarettes. When the clerk asked how he would pay for the smokes, the man left the store quickly. Travis was then found near the construction site. While being taken into custody, he threatened the life of the state troopers.

2. Jenna Jameson

The porn star was arrested in May of 2012 after smashing her car into a light pole. The accident occurred in Orange County, California. The police filed charges after responding to the scene of the crash and finding Jameson clearly under the influence. Jameson was not seriously injured in the incident.

3. Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox, the former star of the television series Lost, was arrested in May of 2012 in Bend, Oregon where he lives there with his wife and two children. Fox was arrested on a suspicion of DUI. The actor was said to be driving around at 3 a.m. looking for fast food. Unfortunately, he’d had three beers before climbing behind the wheel.

4. Amanda Bynes

2012 was a big year for arrests for the actress Amanda Bynes. She had not one, but two arrests for DUI. Her first was after a car accident in April. She is said to have struck a police car in West Hollywood. She was arrested at that time. Less than a month later, she was accused of hitting another car. It’s unclear whether she was driving under the influence at that time since she wasn’t charged or cited in that incident.

5. Linda Hogan

On her way to a jewelry function, the ex Mrs Hulk Hogan was pulled over for speeding. Her blood alcohol level was .084 which is just shy of the legal limit. Hogan’s representative reported that she had a glass of champagne on an empty stomach which interacted poorly with prescription antibiotics she was taking.

6. Sally Struthers

Sally Struthers was arrested in September and charged with operating under the influence. The incident happened in Maine which has a law that encompasses being behind the wheel even if the car is stopped, and the engine isn’t running. She was taken into custody on U. S. Route 1 after a performance at the Ogunquit Playhouse in a musical rendition of 9 to 5.

7. Scott Wilson

The Walking Dead star was arrested for DUI in August 2012. He was observed swerving and speeding. When he was pulled over, he protested the field sobriety tests saying the road was too slanted. He insisted he should be able to do yoga moves instead. It should be noted that Scott Wilson’s character, Hershel, is a recovering alcoholic.