12 Up And Coming Indie Bands You’ll Want To Listen To

Indie bands are no longer adhering to the soft-rock alternative. They are producing more variations and energetic vibes than ever before. Indie bands are often found in cafes, small stages at Coachella and other mega-music festivals. If you want to refresh your playlist, checkout these 12 up-and-coming indie bands that will change your perception of indie forever.

Yelle is a cute french-pop trio with fun lyrics and energy. Their music is still not widely known in the USA, but they are gaining strength and recognition. Yelle has some of the best electro-pop music you will ever hear, and they are perfect for listening to at the gym.


Phoenix is getting huge, but they are still small enough that not everyone knows who they are. Phoenix has been around for years, and they have been producing quality music all along. Some of their best songs include “Lizstomania” and “Long Distance Call.”


This band is from Santa Monica, California and is quickly gaining recognition along the west coast. Their debut single is called “Swimsuit”, and they were recently signed with a record label. Cayucas is refreshing and perfect for summer nights.


Ducktails is an exciting new band to listen to this year. Their music is a blend of funky tunes, saxophone and guitar.


Chvrches is still working on their album, but fans are eagerly anticipating the album drop. Their music is upbeat and synth-poppy with a hint of sarcasm. You will fall in love with them immediately and never look back.

This History Of Apple Pie

This British-pop band is sure to make your sweet tooth tingle. Their music is reminiscent of 90′s sounds. You will want to listen to them over and over again.

Sky Ferreira

This wild child is only 21, but she’s living the indie-rock dream. Her music is a perfect harmony of guitars, beats and her amazing vocals. You will become addicted to her music and her insanely gorgeous look.

Bear’s Den

This Brit-pop band will hook you at just one listen. This trio is pure awesome, and you must have “When You Break” in your iTunes library. You won’t regret it.

Father Sculptor

Synthesized beats and chilling vocals create a haunting sound that you will want more of. “Lowlands” is their newest song, and the video will leave you in awe.

Surfer Blood

“Demon Dance” is the hot new single from Surfer Blood. The music video is also well made. Give them a shot if you love rock that is a little on the rougher side.

Twenty One Pilots

“Car Radio” is a perfect song with deep lyrics. It’s a hybrid of electronic music and rap. You will love them if you are into emotional lyrics and electronic beats. If you like spoken songs more than singing, then Twenty One Pilots will be a win for you.


This all-girl band is deep and soulful. Their voices are pure with the hint of a charming accent. “Shut Up” is a profound song that tells a story. There aren’t enough bands that make you think, and Savages is one of those rarities you can’t pass up. Some critics say that they could be the next Siouxsie.