The Future Of Twitter – Can Twitter Stay Relevant?

Over the past few years, Twitter has been a strong platform for millions of people around the globe. Everyone from celebrities, political figures and local news stations use this networking site for business, entertainment and sheer pleasure. As we know, many of our favorite sites often undergo changes in an effort to stay fresh. With these constant transformations, is it possible that Twitter could be in danger of staying relevant for its millions of users?

twitter-real-bridieThe answer, is no. Relevancy is not an issue for Twitter, and it won’t be one for a long long time. The fact of the matter is, this very popular social networking site is the core of so many things, that it’s lifespan virtually increases daily. One reason behind this is the large presence of celebrities and musical artists. Fans live for the moment when their favorite celebrity, band, drummer or singer will acknowledge them with a retweet, a favorite or a mention. Although it seems silly and simplistic, this desire to constantly be in the know of what famous people are doing, what they’re interested in, who they’re talking to, keeps the traffic on Twitter increasing by the seconds. With more and more celebrities joining the site each day, it draws more users to sign up for accounts.

It’s not just celebrities who are keeping the site extremely popular. It’s also media, news stations and those who represent our local and national government. Political figures, activists, community members and those who deliver our news use Twitter as a huge platform to present issues, stories and events. This has given younger generations, and those who may not have paid attention to what’s happening around them in the past, a chance to connect with their society. Twitter has broken the wall that divided politics and government from the real world.

So why is this information important? Well, in essence Twitter has become more than just a means for keeping in touch with family and friends or keeping up with your favorite celebrity’s daily life. It has become and avenue to quickly find out what’s happening in your city, state and country. It has become a platform to share thoughts, voice opinions and get answers to current issues and situations. It is not a site that is bombarded with spam, hackers and tons of games that may or may not cause viruses and computer issues. It’s a place where everyone has an opportunity to speak what’s on their mind, connect with those who understand them as well as stay in the know of the happenings in their communities. Being able to be so diverse and flexible is what is going to keep Twitter alive and present for years to come.

The easy to use website, that doesn’t clutter its homepage or constantly force its users to change things they love, is what’s going to keep subscribers interested and willing to stay a part of the online community. Being able to quickly send out a message to millions, or search a topic within seconds and discover breaking news moments after it happens is what draws users to the site. In addition, the minimal changes that are made only improve and enhance the experience. So is Twitter in danger of losing its relevancy? No. In fact, other sites should take notes because this social networking giant knows what it’s doing.